Have any problems?

If you are having technical issues please contact us at Support@yourtreeapp.com

Do i need a church to join tree?
No. If you do not have a church we hope that becoming part of our diverse Jesus centered community will prompt you to use the resources we have in the app to find a church that meets your needs. 
Can anyone make events on tree?
Yes, it is very simple just go to the events section and click the plus sign to create an event.
How can i partner with tree?
Please fill out the contact form by clicking the link below and our team member will reach out to you. 
Partner with us
What is a sponsored event?
An event the creator wants to introduce a broader audience to. The creator of this event has invested a budget to run a campaign to reach an audience goal.
What is a public figure account?
This is an account that has been vetted and approved by our support team for having edifying and genuine content along with some additional metrics. The content from these accounts appear on the explore page
Why does youth ministry accounts take longer to get approved?
The safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us. We are especially focused on safeguarding our youth from predators. For this reason any church that signs up as a Youth Ministry is thoroughly vetted to ensure it is legit and closely monitored for any predatory behaviors.